About the Faculty

Faculty of past, present and future The faculty provides services to all individuals of various specializations and to all institutions in various aspects of commercial, industrial, academic, and various types of civil, military and various governmental and private sectors. Initially the faculty started as a department in the faculty of technology and engineering in the year 1978. It became independent faculty under the name faculty of mathematical and computer sciences in the year 1993. This shows the history and accumulated The faculty has worked with all diligence to provide opportunities for students in different grades of Bachelor, technical diploma, and postgraduate diploma in addition to master and PhD degrees in the different disciplines of the faculties and to provide the community with specialized and well trained people who can contribute to the advancement of the country's scientific and technical aspects in a response to a real message of the university which call for the interaction with the community and filling the community needs.


The vision of the faculty is to become a center of excellence at the local and global levels in its three areas: computer science, mathematics and statistics.


provide the society with competent professionals in the fields of computer, mathematics and statistics, who can compete internationally capable of leading the industrial, academic and governmental institutions in the fields of science belonging to the faculty. • Increasing the number, scope and quality of innovative studies and applied studies that improve the reality of knowledge and aim to solve the local problems of society using computer technology, mathematics and statistics. • Increasing the efficiency and quality of the services provided to the community in the form of practical projects, consultancy and training.

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