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Dr.Mohammed Hamed Ahmed Elhebir

2017~until now

The main objectives of the faculty are to provide modern academic programs and prepare graduates to face life and its challenges in the present and future. The faculty also works to prepare a graduate provider of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and positive behavior in accordance with the needs of the labor market. The faculty also seeks to focus on scientific research, innovation and leadership in the fields of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer. our faculty is characterized by a highly qualified teaching staff and working in the spirit of the team.

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Dr. Murtada Khalafalla Elbashir Elfaki

2013 - حتي الآن

Welcome to the Faculty of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, where the excellence and innovation drive or academic endeavors. The faculty provides opportunities for further study, research, and community engagement in diverse disciplines that have relation to mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, and information technology. The faculty B.Sc. degrees are offered in disciplines such as mathematical and computer sciences, statistics and computer sciences, and computers science. In addition to the B.Sc. Degrees the faculty offers a post graduate diploma in information technology, mathematics, and statistics. Also we have well-founded M.Sc. degrees in mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

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